Drainage and Foundation Installations in Chichester, Haywards Heath and the Surrounding Areas

Foundation installations, along with proper drainage preparation, are essential components of construction. Getting these right ensures buildings are sturdy, safe and effective, so it is important to hire experienced groundwork contractors, such as Wilson Groundworks, for reliable results. Adept at installing all types of foundation and drainage, we consistently deliver high-quality solutions throughout Chichester and Haywards Heath.


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There are a number of different foundation types, each suited to different uses. As experienced groundwork contractors, we find the best option for your project. This will depend on a number of factors, including: soil type, purpose of foundations and the conditions of your site, such as the presence of buried utility services.

Delivering comprehensive and dependable groundworks solutions, we provide the following services when undertaking foundation installations:

Ground Investigation – Assessing factors such as the type of soil at your site ensures foundations are installed at appropriate depths to provide maximum structural support and durability. This is essential to ensuring the safety of anyone who will be using the building.

Site Clearance – Clearing the site of any debris and vegetation, as well as taking up topsoil, prepares the area for effective foundation installations. As experienced groundwork contractors, we also provide demolition and waste management services, if required.

Excavation – Where suitable, construction plant is the most efficient method for excavating foundations. For smaller sites or hard-to-reach areas, mini diggers are a great solution. We install all types of foundation, including strip and trench-fill, making sure every project in Chichester and Haywards Heath receives the most appropriate solutions.

Foundation installations require building control inspection to ensure work adheres to regulations. At Wilson Groundworks, we make sure all our services meet the highest standards of construction, allowing for swift approval and efficient projects.


Property Extensions in Chichester

Whether undertaking property extensions or new builds, it is vital to ensure drainage preparation is done properly, because any mistakes prove expensive and much more difficult to fix once drains have been backfilled.

Making sure trenches are suitable sizes for the pipes, as well as excavating the correct falls and gradients, ensures systems work efficiently. The material pipes are made from can have a significant impact on water flow, so it is important to make sure gradients are correct for the chosen pipework.

With years of experience in the industry, we successfully install drainage for projects of every size in Chichester, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas. For complete peace of mind, our services include a water or air pressure test before backfilling, to ensure joints are watertight and everything functions as it should.

Fulfilling all groundworks requirements, we also provide drainage alterations for existing systems.

For complete drainage works and all types of foundation installations in Chichester, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, call 07870 606422.


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