Reinforced Concrete in Haywards Heath and Chichester

As part of our concreting services, Wilson Groundworks regularly provide reinforced concrete flooring for a number of applications throughout Chichester and Haywards Heath. One of the most popular options for many commercial and industrial spaces, this type of concrete helps ensure structures remain strong and durable. Because the materials are relatively inexpensive, this is a great cost-effective choice where these qualities are required.

Reinforced Concrete in Chichester

What is Reinforced Concrete?

Reinforced concrete is simply regular concrete which our groundwork contractors make stronger by embedding steel bars or mesh into the ground before pouring over the concrete.

This is a considerably beneficial process because it reduces the likelihood of cracking or structural failure. Reinforcement also helps flooring withstand heavy traffic and intense pressure, resulting in a surface which lasts many years.

To ensure floors in Chichester and Haywards Heath are properly reinforced, we pour concrete over pre-laid steel, allowing it to set completely so it solidifies around the rods or mesh.

Uses of Reinforced Concrete

As experienced groundwork contractors, we frequently provide reinforced floors for a number of suitable applications, such as:

• Public Spaces
• Car Parks
• Residential Blocks
• Factories
• Warehouses

Because many commercial and industrial sites are subject to heavy pressure and use, this type of concrete is the perfect solution for these spaces.

For examples of the different uses of reinforced flooring, take a look at our previous work.


With a variety of benefits making reinforced concrete a popular choice with customers throughout Chichester and Haywards Heath, here are some of the advantages we deliver as expert groundwork contractors:

Cost-Effective – The combination of concrete and steel is a much more cost-effective option than other groundworks materials. Both are relatively cheap and easy to source, making reinforced flooring a great solution for projects of every size and budget.

Weather Resistant – Because steel and concrete react to temperature changes in very similar ways, there is a reduced chance of cracking and structural weakness. This type of flooring is also resistant to corrosion.

Compressive & Tensile Strength – The steel components allow reinforced concrete to withstand significant pressure and tension. Because steel expands and contracts in the same way as concrete, internal stress is avoided and the flooring is not easily damaged.

Versatile – Concrete is easy to pour in various shapes and locations, making it a versatile material for a variety of uses.

At Wilson Groundworks, we always work with customers to find the most suitable solution for each space. Using the highest quality materials, we deliver reliable and durable results, no matter the requirements of your project.

Contact us on 07870 606422 for reinforced concrete solutions which provide commercial and industrial spaces in Chichester and Haywards Heath unbeatable durability and strength.


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